Fertilizers are plant food additives. Very few soils are fertile enough to supply the nutrients which a healthy lawn needs.  How often you fertilize also depends on the intensity of maintenance desired. We suggest our premium fertilizer which ensures a healthy, weed-free lawn.

AMC will customize a fertilizing package that will meet the requirements for a healthy turf. We recommend our five step program which involves:

  • Spring pre-emergent crabgrass prevention
  • Early spring weed and feed
  • Early summer feed and grub prevention
  • Late summer sustain feeding, post weed control
  • Fall winterizer application

These applications are important for your turf to be a lush healthy green color and weed free all year long.

When do I fertilize?


Feed the lawn in early spring to eliminate crabgrass and encourage growth. Weeds can take over in a very short time.

Late Spring

Weed and feed will target broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, chickweed and white clover.

 Early Summer

Weed control and grub prevention help to continually maintain the lawn.

Late Summer

Weed and feed will help maintain the lawn, by feeding it as the dry, warm summer drains the nutrients from the lawn.

Fall Winterize

This application helps preserve the lawn through the unpredictable winters we have in northern Lake County and southern Wisconsin.