Turf Maintenance

AMC offers an array of services to keep your turf looking manicured and healthy. Each property is treated like a custom job and receives special care; from a ¼ acre residential property to a 10 acre commercial property, we are equipped to meet your needs.

Soil Analysis:

This helps us to guide you in the proper plantings for your type of soil to have healthy lush plants and trees.  There are several types of soil – we will touch on a few.

  • Clay – has a sticky texture, holds a fingerprint when damp, and remains in tact when dropping from the waist height.
  • Loam – drains well and has a deep brown color due to a good supply of organic matter.
  • Sandy – gravelly soil allows nutrient to slip through easily, but it’s easily amended with organic matter.

Taking time to know our customers’ needs is important to us, even determining the type of soil you have in your location.